4 Simple Steps

Step One

If you want to connect the meeting room app to your existing room calendar system, add that account on the iPad first (be it Exchange or Gmail or iCloud etc). Just login as if the iPAd was that account. If you want to use the meeting room app by itself, you're already done!

Step 1

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Frequently Ask Questions

Adding an Exchange Resource Mailbox (e.g. room mailbox)
You need to enable the user that exchange creates when you make a resource (a password must also be set).
Then add the account as an Exchange account on the iPad (only 1 account on the device is currently supported at this stage).
Does the Meeting Room App support group calendars?
As long as you have the calendar added as an Exchange account and you have full write access to the calendar (make sure it is the only calendar for that account added on the iPad).
Google Apps
You must be signed up for the tier that has Exchange Active Sync support (the resource mailbox user must be enabled).
Planned features for an upcoming update
Ending the meeting room booking early.
Office 365
Currently not officially supported, but other users have found work-arounds. Use at your own risk!
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The Wallee Mount

When it comes to mounting iPads on your meeting rooms, we use the Wallee mount from Studio Proper.
It's quick, cheap and very high quality. Check it out! They also sell pivot stands as featured below.